Pension Section

The main function of this Section is determination and authorisation of Pension of all kinds. The entire process of checking and scrutiny of claim for pensionery benefits leading to final authorisation goes through the following steps.

1) Verification of the prescribe claim forms submitted by the Department concerned.

2) Checking of outstanding liabilities in respect of the pensioner/deceased Government servant.

3) Thorough check of the service books of the pensioner/deceased Government servant for the entire period of his/her service, with particular reference to the rules and regulations in respect of recruitment, entitlement of Pay, entitlement of Leave etc.

4) Ensuring the veracity of nominations and disentangling knotty legal issue pertaining to claims.

5) Fixation of Pension entitlement and determination of Pension commutation of leave and leave encashment.

6) Final authorisation of Pension and other Retirement Benefits by issuing Pension Payment Order (PPO).

7) Periodical review and re-fixation of Pension including passing-over of family pension to the next eligible family member on the death of the pensioner.