Diarist Section

Sl. NoName
Work Allotted
Andrew Lalrinawma, A&AO
(Section Incharge)

Link : Lalbiakdiki Ralte
  1. Over all incharge of Diarist Section.
  2. Receiving and Disposal of Bank Drafts in and outside Mizoram.
  3. Compilation of GPF/GIS etc. Challans received from SBI/Department.
  4. General Correspondende.
  5. GPF Balance transfer in and out to other PAO/A.G.
  6. Receipts of Daks and its disposal.
  7. Disposal of Bank Drafts from Mizoram Houses.
  8. Disposal of Debit statement with settlement of Missing Credit/Debit in respect of Mizoram Houses.
  9. Compilation of Quarterly Progress report of the section.
  10. Maintenance of Casual Leave Register.
  11. Receiving of PAO cheque for GPF/GIS and its disposal.
Lalbiakdiki Ralte, A&AO
Link : P.C. Lalchhuankimi
  1. Serchhip Treasury
  2. Kolasib Treasury
  3. Chawngte Treasury
David Ramdinmawia, AA&AO
Link : Ellis Hrangzawna
  1. Lunglei Treasury
  2. Mamit Treasury
  3. Lawngtlai Treasury
Ellis Hrangzawna, AA&AO
Link : David Ramdinmawia
  1. Aizawl South Treasury
  2. Siaha Treasury
  3. Recording of Debit figure into computer.
  4. Checking of complaint received from Departments.
  5. Settlement of Credit/Debit outward transfer received from GPF Section.
  6. Annual Closing of GPF Account.
P.C. Lalchuankimi, AA&AO
Link : Lalbiakdiki Ralte
  1.  Aizawl North Treasury
  2. Champhai Treasury
  3. Recording of Debit figure into computer
V. Ngaihliani, L.D.C
  1. Typing of all correspondence
  2. Computer entry of all Debit/Credit figures.
  3. Receiving of all GPF Credit/Debit vouchers from all Treasuries.
  4. Maintenance of Receipt/Issue Registers.
  5. Any other works allotted to her by the Section Incharge.
Lalngaihdami Pachuau, Peon
  1. Normal works of Peon.
  2. Any other works allotted to her by the Section Incharge.  

With effect from 11th May 2020