Audit Section

The functions of this Audit Section broadly covers:

1. Examination/Audit of the accounts of Govt. offices and Govt. undertakings. 

2. Examination/Audit of the accounts of Local Bodies and Non-Governmental Organizations.

3. Conduct of Special Audit on the accounts of any State Government Department/ Officers/ Commissions/ Councils/ Boards/ Societies etc. on the direction of Finance Department.

4. Online audit on the accounts of Rural Local Bodies/ Village Councils etc as required under the report of the Finance Commission, Govt. of India.

5. Determination and fixation of Pension and Leave Salary Contributions in respect of Non-Gazetted employees deputed to local bodies and Govt. undertakings (Corporation, Board, Societies etc.). 

6. Checking and approval of pay fixation of all Non-Gazetted Government employees on revision of pay, promotion, financial upgradation under MACPS. 

7. Checking and approval of step up of pay on Non-Gazetted Government employee of the State Government if admissible under Rules.

8. Preparation of Annual Audit Report and submission of the same to Finance Department for laying at Mizoram Legislative Assembly.