New Pension Scheme

This Section deals the following assisgnments:-

1. Allotment of Permanent Pension Account Number (PPAN) for newly appointed/regularized Government employee. 

2. Operation of Online PRAN Generation Module (OPGM).

3. Posting & Uploading of monthly NPS Subscribers' Contribution and Govt. Matching. 

4. Preparation of NPS Bills.

5. Deposit of cheques received from Mizoram Houses for NPS Subcribers's Contribution.

6. Maintenance of Cash book, Cheques and Registers relating to NPS transaction.

7. Missing credit adjustment.

8. Error Rectification.

9. Updation of Subscriber's details in the CRA System.

10. Shifting of Subscriber including Inter-State transfer.

11. Resolving Subscriber's grievances in the CRA system.

12. Payment of CRA Service charges.

13. Processing and Payment of partial withdrawal for NPS Subscribers.

14. Allotment of Registration numbers and Codes to DDOs and DTOs.

15. Processing of Superannuation /Family/Invalid Pension.

16. Purchasing of Annuity for NPS Pensioners.

17. Processing of Extraordinary Family Pension for Liberalised pensionary awards.

18. Processing of Pre-Mature Exit and NPS.