Allocation of Business for Accounts & Treasuries, Finance Department

1. Financial powers and delegation thereof.

2. Revisions of pay & allowances.

3. General Financial Rules & Treasury Rules.

4. Embezzlement and other financial irregularities in public finance.

5. Rules relating to pay, allowance and travelling allowance.

6. Write off of loss.

7. Pre-audit and arrear claims.

8. Matters relating to Treasuries.

9. Rules relating to security deposits.

10. Cadre control for MFAS & MSFAS.

11. General advice on financial aspects of Service Rules etc.

12. Rules relating to grants-in-aid.

13. All budgetary matters including control of expenditure.

14. Internal Audit and Audit of Local Funds.

15. Bank/Development of Bank in Mizoram.

16. Pension. Authorization of pension, DCRG etc., communication thereof.

17. Departmentalization of Accounts.

18. Lottery/IF&SL.

19. General insurance and insurance schemes of Govt. servants.

20. Discretionary Grants Rules and procedures.

21. Authorization of entitlement of Group A & B Officers of Mizoram Government Employees.

22. Rules relating to advances to government servants.

23. Matters relating to fiscal policy and public finance.

24. The Mizoram Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 2008 and Rules thereof.

25. State Finance Commission of Mizoram.

26. The Mizoram Public Demand Recovery Act & Rules, 2004.

27. Budget speech of Finance Minister.

28. State borrowings and debt management.

29. State Government Guarantees.

30. Management of cash balances.

31. Management of public accounts, including GPF, GIS, civil deposits, remittances, etc.

32. Policies and guidelines relating to procurement of goods, works and services.

33. Fixation of rent rates for accommodation of Government offices/purposes.

34. Administrative Approval for all new works/projects.

35. Expenditure sanction of fund beyond the delegated financial power.

36. Financial management including standardization/computerisation of Treasuries.

37. Public Expenditure reforms including Public Sector Undertakings/ Local Bodies under State Government.

38. Mizoram Protection of Interest of Depositors (In Financial Establishment) Act, 2002.

39. Matters relating to engagement of consultancy firms.

40. Matters relating to public accounts-deposits & advances.

41. Framing of rules/procedures pertaining to medical re-imbursement.

42. All matters relating to Externally Aided Projects, and all other Loan Projects.

43. Allocation of State Matching Share