Diarist Section

This section deals with the following assignments:

1. Examination and record of credit and debit schedules received from Treasuries and other DDOs/CDDOs in respect of GPF, GIS, NPS, Loan & Advances etc. and send it to the respective section for further necessary action as required.

2. Categorizing of all credit and debit schedules into each accounting group and recording of the figures which should tally with the figure of the Treasuries.

3. Maintenance/records of receipts and debit schedules received from the Accountant General, Mizoram etc.

4. Maintenance/records of transfer of balances from other accounting authorities.

5. Raising of debits to other accounting authorities in respect of withdrawal made by employees other than the State Govt. employees.

6. Maintenance/proper records of all Bank Drafts received from DDO's and crediting the same into Government's accounts by Treasury Challans for booking them into each individual's accounts.